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All site updates will be located at this board such as important events, activity checks and plot sign ups. So make sure you check back often to see whats up on N:FB!
Rules & Regulations
Within this board, you will find all of the rules and regulations for the site. By roleplaying on this forum you agree to abide by all rules listed within and acknowledge that the staff may change them at anytime when deemed necessary.
It does not matter if your a member or a guest on our site, if you have any questions about our site or suggestions on how we can make our site better, then do not hesitate to stop by and make a post here! And to make sure staff see it, please post in the Notify Staff thread!
Within this board is a compilation of various information such as canon jutsu, items, open positions and other information that will be invaluable while developing your character.
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Missions & Purchases
Stock missions as well as custom ones made will be housed within this board. Additionally, all experience purchases will occur within this board as well.


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Character Registration
All character applications are filed here and once approved are move to their appropriate sub-boards. If posting an incomplete application place [WIP] in the title.
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Clans & Organizations
For those wishing to register a clan please keep in mind that each village has caps set for the amount of clans it may have. For those wishing to register a organization please understand that missing nin groups will be limited.
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Equipment Registration
Anyone wishing to have equipment with a unique abilities or appearance must register it within this board. This can range from a uniquely designed mask to a weapon capable of cutting through anything.
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Jutsu & Abilities
Those wishing to register their own unique jutsu must post them within this board. Furthermore it is requested that you consider registering your application as village or global techniques if possible to avoid twenty similar moves from appearing. Lastly in some circumstances a unique ability may be registered here when it will be used by a sole individual rather than a clan.
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Summons & Familiars
Summons are very powerful tools and expect a close eye kept to make sure no one abuses these. Furthermore make sure that your contract's animal is not already claimed.
Custom Villages
By far these applications will be the most scrutinized out of any application on this board. Furthermore no village can be accepted until the starting villages have an adequate number of shinobi.

Major Shinobi Villages

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Hi no Kuni
The Land of Fire is one of the largest and most wealthy countries in the world. It should be noted that the Land of Fire was the first country to create a shinobi village; this village being one of the "Major Five" which of course makes the country fairly powerful.
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Tsuchi no Kuni
While the Land of Earth is comprised from a lot of harsh terrain such as large mountains and harsh stone riddled plains; it's various mines have ensured a mass amount of wealth for the country. This wealth has in turn allowed them to fund Iwagakure which is reputed as one of the "Major Five" shinobi villages, and is considered the most military able country.
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Mizu no Kuni
The Land of Water is composed of seven large islands. This country is responsible for the founding of Kirigakure, one of the "Major Five" shinobi villages. Though it endured a civil war almost a decade ago, the nation and village are seeing an economic upturn and are enjoying relative stability.
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Kaminari no Kuni
Located on a large peninsula the Land of Lightning is one of the most wealthy nations in the world, as such it is not surprising that they also maintain one of the "Major Five" shinobi villages.
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Kaze no Kuni
While the Land of Wind is comprised almost entirely of deserts, it still holds a surprisingly large population and produces a large amount of wealth from their gold mines. This wealth has allowed the Land of Wind to continue its funding of Sunagakure which holds status as one of the "Major Five" shinobi villages.

Minor Shinobi Villages

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Arashi no Kuni
While the Land of storms is one of the smaller countries, it is perhaps one of the most industrialized nations. As such it has been able to secure a large amount of wealth; utilizing it to fund its own shinobi village. Sadly the Land of Storms has found itself the battlefield for each of the shinobi wars that has been waged and due to this, it maintains a much more strict watch on its borders.
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Nohara no Kuni
As the name suggest, the Land of Fields is largely comprised of rich grasslands, with the occasional forest and river breaking up the sea of grass. Due to the abundance of some natural resources the Land of Fields has managed to maintain its own shinobi village.
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Yuki no Kuni
Far to the North, the Land of Snow is at times forgotten by the rest of the world. Living in relative peace the country has been able to pursue building up their infrastructure and is currently the only nation with a railroad. This railroad is a vital part of their economy and many believe the Daimyo's decision to fund a shinobi village was largely to ensure its protection.
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Bonchi no Kuni
While many countries have largely tamed their lands, the Land of Basins appears quite wild to most visitors. With the majority of the country being unspoiled forest, jungle and mountain ranges it is surprising at times that they are capable of funding their own shinobi village.

Other Locations

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Other Minor Villages
There are many minor shinobi villages through out the world. While some are of comparable strength to some of the more powerful minor villages, the majority of them truly are deserving of the name minor, sometimes only having a few hundred shinobi at their disposal.
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Non Shinobi Nations
While there are many countries that fund their own shinobi villages, the majority of nations choose to have none and instead rely on the shinobi villages of neighboring countries to perform surgical operations in their lands. These countries prefer to stay out of wars and instead focus on their economy which is based on trade and occasionally tourism.
Written World
While many younger shinobi believe that the only important actions happen out on the battlefield, the older or more wise shinobi know the power that small words on paper can hold. Alliances have been forged and broken by tiny pieces of paper, and even in times of peace they hold immense power.
The Distant Past
Obviously the world did not just come into existence at the present moment. This board is to RP out any events that happened before the start of the site. It should be noted that if you roleplay in this board, all events should follow along what has been approved for the site's history. If you try to make a thread within this board to effectively change history, then it will be archived and the xp gained removed from your account.


Staff Area
A place for the staff to discuss the diabolical plots work they are doing for the site as well as any issues that need to be talked out by the staff.
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Ruler Planning Board
Within this board the staff and the rulers of the villages plot various village wide events as well as other fun surprises.
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From time to time, the various boards on the site will be cleaned. Rather than be deleted, they will be moved here so everyone may view them if they need to.
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Nothing specific on your mind? Not really sure where to post? Go and post a thread here. Feel free to post anything (as long as it doesn't break any rules) and if you discuss any anime or mange please post a spoiler notice in the thread title or at the top of the thread.
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While we encourage members to try and settle arguments amongst themselves, we known that this will not always be possible. As such we have set up this board so that any member who feels wronged or has proof that a member has broken rules that the staff has not seen may report them here. However, make sure to read the rules as if the accusation proves false there may be ramifications for the accuser.
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Think yourself an artist? Why not show off your talent to the members of this forum? If you are willing then feel free to post up graphics that you have made and even more important, if you feel like becoming part of the GFX Team for Fallen Blades then apply inside.
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Anyone wishing to advertise their website is free to post their ad within this board. Anyone wishing to affiliate with N:FB should post in the appropriate sub-board. It is expected that your site contain an area for N:FB to post our own advertisement. Should your site lack this your advertisement will be deleted. If you wish to affiliate then please follow the guide posted within.

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